At Portal Azul, we provide each other a safe environment while looking within ourselves for personal growth and healing. Our focus is on interconnectedness, acceptance, health, community, raw foods, play, music, yoga etc.  
We are dedicated to the development and expression of the deeper self.
We are not a hostel, but a revolving, evolving international community of both long and short term visitors, striving to live from the heart with integrity, developing respect for our selves, each other, local culture, the environment and the earth.
We work together to maintain the vibrancy, openness, creativity and maintenance of the space.
By honoring our home and our spiritual/creative nature we feel that we are honoring our selves and each other and also creating an environment conducive to inner and outer development.
May we offer you a nurturing home during your stay.
Portal Azul is nestled in the beautiful sacred valley of the Incas, surrounded by towering dramatic mountains, amazing ancient temple complexes and only a short walk into the charming market town of Pisac.
We have several charming, rustic rooms for rent. Bathroom, kitchen and living spaces are shared. We prepare awesome meals for and with each other.
Sometimes we are very busy, all rooms full, sometimes very quiet.
This is a place to expand, to create, to explore inner and outer realities and community living.
Portal Azul adheres to drug enforcement laws, so marijuana and other outlawed drugs are prohibited here.
Alcohol is used minimally and only occasionally in group gatherings.
“Mapacho” jungle tobacco is used for cleansings and ceremonies. We do not like commercial cigarette smoking here.
It is usually difficult to take reservations for preference is given to those already here, and often, people stay longer than planned as they feel so at home and befriended here. So, that said, it always seems to work out, so come and see us when you arrive. If for some reason there is no room or tent, then there are plenty of rooms in nearby Pisac.
To contact us:
about Portal Azul
at “el molle”, Pisac, Peru